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Aug 12

First Day of Instruction

Time: 8:45 AM – 3:46 PM

Sep 30


Principal's Message

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about Katherine Johnson STEM Academy. Entering our sixth year in the fall of 2022, I am thrilled to continue the work that our team of dedicated faculty and staff have begun.
At Katherine Johnson STEM Academy, our vision is to develop our students into 21st Century Problem Solvers with Great Hearts and Great Minds. I’m pleased to say that we have done exactly that, and plan to do so even more as we move forward.
Graduation cap, diploma, and books

Mission Statement

So what do 21st-Century problem solvers with great hearts and great minds actually do? If our visions speaks of "why" we do what we do, and our core values are "how" we do it, then our mission is "what" we are actually building, each and every day, with our students here at Katherine Johnson STEM Academy.
21st-Century Problem Solvers: 
- are critical thinkers
- are communicators
- are collaborative
- are creative
- identify problems
- look for solutions
- use different approaches to solve a problem
- are innovative and resourceful
- take risks
- embrace others' ideas
- demonstrate perseverance and resilience
- reflect on their processes
- understand equality, equity, and justice
Students with Great Hearts:
- demonstrate kindness
- reflect on and understands their emotions and actions
- get to know people to demonstrate personal respect
- build and aim to keep trust
- accept differences and uplift others
- love both the journey and love including others in it
- create safe spaces for self and others to learn and grow
- look for solutions that are best for all, not only self
- serve others
- practice empathy
- act selflessly
Students with Great Minds:
- have wonder
- apply learning to life
- ask questions
- are persistent
- persevere to reach goals
- are open to new ideas
- can adapt to new situations
- look forward to achieving the next goal
- show their best efforts and encourage others to do likewise
- consult multiple sources
- questions their own thinking
- consider others' perspectives
- enjoys learning