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Activity Eligibility & Culmination Eligibility


DATE: Tuesday, June 11, 2024
LOCATION: Katherine Johnson STEM Academy (Front Lawn)


Culmination attire is “semi-formal”. Students should dress very nicely. Your families are proud of all you’ve accomplished and will want to celebrate you in your best! A sometimes helpful rule of thumb when it comes to “semi-formal” attire is thinking about what you might wear to a Sunday church service.

Women's semi-formal attire typically includes dresses and dress suits that fall at or below the knee, skirts that fall no more than an inch above the knee, and pantsuits.

Men's semi-formal attire typically includes a sports jacket, slacks, and tie or a dark or light business suit with dress shoes, such as oxfords.

Don’t wear: Jeans / Flip-flops / Footwear difficult to walk across grass in (i.e. no high heels)

Keep in mind: The ceremony is outdoors, which means if it is a cloudy day, it might still be very cool/cold outside. You will want to make sure you are warm enough. Jackets and/or shawls are probably very good ideas. If you have any questions about attire, please ask.


At this time, we anticipate that each 8th grader participating in culmination will be able to invite up to 4 guests to attend the culmination event.



Secondary schools in LAUSD each establish a culmination committee that establishes a culmination policy, communicates that policy to families, and reviews unique family circumstances at the end of the year as culmination approaches. The culmination committee at Katherine Johnson STEM Academy is made up of a diverse group of 7 stakeholders. This year, our committee is composed of our school counselor (Ms. Goueth, the chairperson), three 7th/8th grade teachers, one 6th grade teacher, one parent, and one student. At LAUSD schools, including KJ STEM, school site principals are generally not members of the culmination committee, which allows the principal to make a final determination regarding a student’s eligibility, should a final appeal be made. The culmination committee meets multiple times throughout the year to review


Our anticipated timeline as we approach the end of the year regarding culmination eligibility is listed below:

  • October 2023 - Communicate culmination policy to 8th-grade families via Blackboard.

  • Periodically throughout the year - Update families and students on student progress and potential culmination eligibility

  • Thursday, May 23 - Notifications sent to families regarding culmination eligibility

  • By noon on Wednesday, May 29 - Families may appeal a “not eligible” to the culmination committee. See notification letter for instructions on what to submit with an appeal or reach out to [email protected] with questions.

  • Wednesday, May 29 - The culmination committee reviews any appeals submitted.

  • Thursday, May 30 - The culmination committee notifies appellants of the committee’s decision.

  • Monday, June 3 - Families whose initial appeal was not granted, may submit a final appeal to the school principal. See notification letter for instructions on what to submit with an appeal to the principal.